The Gods of Irith


The gods of Irith are varied and powerful. They have been a part of the world since its creation and their laws, pettiness, desires and other beliefs have helped the inhabitants of Irith shape it in the past and present. The gods of Irith are recognized and revered by all races and not necessarily for the same reasons. The commonality will always be the god's name. Each god possesses the power of every domain, allowing their followers to choose whichever they like. Still, a worshipper of fire would hardly wish to follow Aroth, god of the sea.


By allowing players to pick a god without worrying which domain he/she/it has to give them the most powerful spells, I'm creating a game where the god can be chosen purely to spice up a PC's background.


With the exception of orcs, kobolds, and goblinoids, humanoids such as elves, halflings, dwarves, and gnomes all worship the gods listed here and call the gods by the same names as humans. There are no "alignments" for the gods, for followers may follow different paths in the name of their god. Even so, a deity of life may not favor worshippers who kill in his or her name.


Aeixis Darkness and Chaos Kergon Mountains
Ardru Life Kobolissima Envy and Spite
Aroth Seas Koltusset Kobolds
Avizor Serpents, Wind & Wisdom Mordrun Blacksmiths
Breahal Matrimony and Women Nynneon Song and Dance
Celphea Combat and Wisdom Orodar Heavens
Cherivi Lies and Deceit Peleah Love and Pleasure
Dotorus Strength and Storms Pomoleth Philosophers and Poets
Froyonnia Beasts Qurophys Dead
Gharan-Dis Wisdom and Balance Revenkai Travelers & Good Fortune
Ghoragdush Orcs Shozrei Healing and Medicine
Gnor Goblinoids Su Reh Moon and Stars
Gonibrahth Underworld Thirion Tricksters and Mischief
Great Serpent Barbarians Tlancu Fertility
Grothkele War and Destruction Toh Pana Peace and Hope
Horgarin Flame and Law Vahntorii Strife and Suffering
Hstinzi Bountiful Harvest Vor Courage and Battle
Ianlia Rivers and Life Williommox Chance and Gambling
Jahrru Hate and Revenge Ya-Nu Mercy
K'tash Magic Ytos Nature




(God of Darkness and Chaos)


Aeixis's true form is unknown. Many describe him as a great black winged giant with two serpent heads that sport giant fangs. His body is shrouded in a perpetual cloak of swirling darkness which never fully reveals his form at any one time.

Aeixis wields a rod of pure onxy that destroys souls.




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(Goddess of Life)

Regarded as the Life Giver of Irith, Ardru takes the form of a giant tree whose branches are thick with leaves and orange blossoms.

She has the ability to raise the dead with a mere touch, and can instantly kill the same way.





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(God of the Seas)


Aroth is a bearded giant who has a fish tail in place of where his legs might be. Roaming the seas of Irith, this fickle god has been known to cause great devestation to those who vex him. Other times, he has exhibited great passion by saving those who otherwise would have perished beneath his waves.





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(God of Serpents, the Wind and Wisdom)


Avizor takes the form of a gigantic winged serpent with feathered skin that scintillates with an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors.

His eyes are jade, and his voice is an echoing whisper.




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(Goddess of Matrimony and Women)


Almost blinding in her beauty, Breahal is a breathtaking woman with blonde hair so long that it swirls around her body like a makeshift robe. Many times, she takes on the shape of a flawless swan.

Any swan that appears at a wedding is considered a good omen for the future.




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(Goddess of Combat and Wisdom)


A statuesque woman with long black hair that spills out from beneath her golden battle helm, Celphea stands tall in her golden armor. Perched atop her should is Rhenos, her white falcon.

Clutched in her hands is a platinum spear that can crack the earth with a single strike.



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(God of Lies and Deceit)


Cherivi's favorite form is that of a man's body with a fox's head. A sly grin on his lips, he spins lies that sound like the unbending truth to anyone who hears him speak.

His favorite sport is causing mischief by tricking someone into believing that they had been deceived by a best friend or loved one.


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(God of Strength and Storms)


Dotorus is a giant bearded man of great strength who sits upon a throne of clouds high above Irith. Many believe that thunder is a result of Dotorus's displeasure at the happenings down below.

He wields a sizzling bolt of lightning that he casts upon his enemies. Dotorus is always watching contests of strength.



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(Goddess of Beasts)


Known to take many shapes, Froyonnia favors that of a white tiger with green eyes. She is always attended by her consorts, a black panther called Kinhem and a giant owl named Opheer.

Her roar can be heard by any beast, and they will always heed her call.




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(God of Wisdom and Balance)

Gharan-Dis is a shirtless, muscular giant of a man. He has three faces: the right face is white (for good), the left face is black (for evil), and the center face is gray (for neutrality and balance). He wields a magical ironwood quartestaff.

Monks who worship Gharn-Dis gain tattoos on their arms and chest as they advance with the order.


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(God of Orcs)


Ghoragdush is a brutish orc garbed in bloodstained battle armor. From his belt hang the shriveled skulls of his greatest vanquished enemies. The orc god's favored weapon is a two-handed great club the head of which has been carved into his own likeness.

His cruelness is unrivaled among the gods.


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(God of Goblinoids)


Gnor may look like a normal goblin in stature and attire, but anyone meeting him will quickly discover the difference. Anyone viewing the goblin god will have a terrible time focusing on his image that constantly shifts and blurs. Gripped in his claws is a crooked black spear.

The gods know never to turn their backs on him.


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(God of the Underworld)


Sitting upon his throne of bones, Gonibrahth silently listens to the screams of the damned as their blackened souls pass him by on the way to the Kostovelm, the underworld. His leathern black wings folded at his back, Gonibrahn sports a pair of horns.

His ruby ring allows him to see the sins of all who stand before him.







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Great Serpent

(God of The Barbarians)


The Great Serpent is an ancient dragon that appeared many centuries ago. The once dominant barbarian tribes had been crushed by the Regdonites pushing down from the north. The Great Serpent appeared and confronted the new king of Regdon. He told the king that the area that is now known as the Barbarian Kingdom would be off limits to the Regdonites, lest they perish in dragonfire. The King Merrick Regdon saw the widsom in heeding the Great Serpent's words and halted the advance of his armies. With that, the Great Serpent left never to be seen again.

No one knows the dragon's name or whereabouts. The barbarians worship the creature as a god and call upon it to aid them in battle, harvests, fertility, and anything else they need.

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(God of War and Destruction)


Grothkele is a broad shouldered man in full bronze armor. Clutched in his hands is a formidable warhammer inscribed with glowing red runes.

His battle helm is crafted in the visage of a fiercesome horned creature the sight of which instills fears in the hearts of his enemies.

Priests of Grothkele are called "Vilketh."



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(God of the Flame and the Law)


Horgarin exists as a dancing flame of incredible colors that undulates in a strange hypnotic dance. He is believed to be the the flame the sparked the fire of life on Irith.

He prizes the order that comes with laws and smiles upon worshippers who follow his beliefs with he same vigor.





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(God of the Bountiful Harvest)


Hstinzi is a fertility god whose presence can instantly make crops grow to their fullest. Known best as a hunched old man leaning on a gnarled staff, Hstinzi constantly chews on a stalk of wheat.

He wears a the simple garb of a commoner and a floppy farmer's hat.


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(Goddess of Rivers and Life)

Ianlia is a tall woman with flowing dark hair held by a silver circlet bearing a huge pearl. She wears dark green robes studded with pearls, and her blue eyes dance with life and promise.

She wields a slender stiletto that glows a light blue.



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(Goddess of Hate and Revenge)

A hideous four-armed humanoid, Jahrru's mottled skin oozes pus and blood. Clutched in her gnarled hand is a massive black flail that will instantly cause anyone struck by it to become stricken with an incurable disease.

Many different beings worship this powerful and dark entity as they look to her for aid in gaining the revenge they desire so badly.



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(God of Magic)

Although K'tash can take many forms, he is most commonly known as a sphere of pure white energy. When he speaks in his booming voice, the sphere pulses.

Unconstrained by the laws of the mortal realm, K'tash has the ability to shape magic to his will.

Priests of K'tash are referred to as "Guji."




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(God of the Mountains)

Locked away in the highest mountain on Irith is Kergon. He sits upon a throne of pure gold in a hallway made of the same. Kergon often looks out upon Irith and grants favors to those who sacrifice great amounts of gold, silver, and gems in his name.

The size of his generosity is only exceeded by the destructiveness of his wrath.



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(Goddess of Envy and Spite)

Long ago in a battle lost against another goddess, the lovely Kobolissima was left with horrible scars running down the right side of her face. Because of that, she wears a half veil to cover it, but her scathing scowl remains.

She wields a crystal wand that causes burning blisters to appear on the skin of her enemies.




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(God of Kobolds and Serpents)

Koltusset is a huge winged red kobold that wields a short sword made of pure jade. He looks upon kobolds that are brave and cruel as his favorites and tends to grant them favors in battle.

Those who call upon him without paying the proper tribute in blood find their fortunes quickly turning for the worse.




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(God of Blacksmiths)

Mordrun stands as a muscled man with a great beard that curls down to his toes. His eyes sparkle with fire and his grin can melt stone.

Mordrun swings a magical hammer called Olgranor, which he uses to fabricate magical weapons and armor of great power.




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(God of Song and Dance)


Nynneon appears as a prancing satyr wearing a jeweled necklace while playing a set of glittering pan pipes. There isn't a moment when a song isn't on his lips or a dance upon his hooves. It is said that wherever there is joyous music or happy dancing, Nynneon will be smiling down from the heavens reveling in it.


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(God of the Heavens)

Orodar is considered by many to be the father everything in the sky. He usually takes the shape of a comet racing across the heavens. While visiting the mortal realm, Orodar is known to take the form of a unicorn or snowy owl.

Many believe that Orodar is responsible for the creation of the universe. Priests of Orodar are usually garbed in pure white embroidered with comet sigils. Temples of Orodar are usually constructed with white marble or alabaster.

Sacrifices to Orodar come in the form of valuables, such as precious metals or gems.




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(Goddess of Love and Pleasure)

Ever in the form of a breathtaking Dryad, Peleah delights in the pleasures of the flesh and partakes in it daily with a fortunate mortal of her choice. It is said that her touch will cause any mortal to become irreversibly in love with her.

Her companion is small viper encircling her right arm.




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(Goddess of Philosophers and Poets)

Pomoleth stands as the symbol of feminine poltritude, with alabaster skin and flowing silken robes of blue. She is always attended by her three Failee Maidens: Cho, Benai, and Entwin.

With quill in hand, Pomoleth ever writes in her book of eternity about anything from love to philosophy to tragedy and much more.



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(God of the Dead)

Qurophys appears as a man with the head of a black vulture with simmering red eyes. His frame is draped with a coat of green and white inlaid with onyx, and he carries a giant sickle in his clawed hand. In many cases, he rides an ebony undead warhorse that snorts fire.

Qurophys is aware of every death that occurs in the mortal world. His Churoteph (or "dark angels") appear to ferry the souls of the dead from the prime plane to the underworld where they are indoctrinated into the black mass that surges about the underworld like endless oceans.

Temples of Qurophys are always black and of plain, simple design. In most cases, they will be found near grave yards. The priests of Qurophys always work in trios.


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(God of Travelers and Good Fortune)

Travelers across Irith look to Revenkai to guide and protect them on their journey, and to provide them with good fortune along the way. Revenkai is mostly known as a kindly white-haired old man wearing brown traveler's robes and spectacles. He walks with a polished oaken walking stick and is always accompanied by a friend or two.

Temples of Revenkai are never grand. They are usually simple churches on the roadside tended to by one or two priests. Priests of Revenkai are always garbed in subdued browns and forest greens and wield oaken staffs.

Sacrifices to Revenkai come in the form of gems, precious metals, and magic.






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(God of Healing and Medicine)

Master of all healing arts and medicine, Shozrei is best known as a kindly old man bedecked in crisp white robes. His touch heals all ills, and his presence inspires mortal healerst to excel in their art.

Shozrei's constant companion is a gray fox named Isoba.




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Su Reh

(God of the Moon and Stars)

Su Reh is portayed in mythos as being a silver-haired man garbed in glowing white robes and wielding a sword of star stuff.

In many cases, he is described as taking the form of a full moon surrounded by bright twinkling stars.




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(God of Tricksters and Mischief)

Thirion is a slender grinning man dressed in an outfit of multi-colored patches. His golden brown hair lays carfree about his shoulders, and he weaves a black dagger betwixt his fingers.

He constantly plays jokes on gods and mortals alike, much to their amusement or chagrin.






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(Goddess of Fertility)


With a beauty that ensnares all who see her, Tlancu appears as a woman with flowing red hair. She wears silken green veils that do little to cover her ample figure.

Always at her side is a magnificent white stork. Her touch will restore fertility to any barren woman.





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Toh Pana

(Goddess of Peace and Hope)

Of her many forms, Toh Pana favors that of an albino gazelle that prances through the heavens followed by a small group of fellow angels. Her presence serves to calm even the angriest, most violent emotions thus helping to achieve peace.

Many look to Toh Pana for hope in trying situations.


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(God of Strife and Suffering)

Vahntorii is an old hunched woman whose body is wracked by leprosy. Her hateful stare is enough to cause others to shrink away from her in fear and loathing.

Her legendary whip drips blood from those who have wronged her and died for it.





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(God of Courage and Battle)

Vor is a strikingly handsome man garbed in silver gem-encrusted chain armor. In one hand he clutches a square blue battle shield emblazoned with an owl clutching a sword. In the other hand, he holds Othlell, his enchanted longsword capable of turning his enemies to stone with a single blow.

Victors in battle will often call out Vor's name as they slay their foes in the hopes of receiving his favor when they reach the afterlife.





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(God of Chance and Gambling)

Those who believe in chance and love to gamble look to Williommox for fortune. He takes the form of an imp wearing pointed hat and dapper outfit of yellow.

He often uses his wand tipped by a four leaf clover to affect the chances of mortals who play games of chance.



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(Goddess of Mercy)

A petite woman of unimaginable beauty and understanding eyes, Ya-Nu rides naked upon a black unicorn. Her only attire is a sheer veil of green silk.

She wields a scepter of wood tipped by a Lotus flower.


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(God of Nature)

Wearing a wooden tribal mask wreathed in palm leaves and flowers, Ytos is a man dressed in a robe of leaves. He is known to carry either a magical great club or axe.

Most of the time, there are several hummingbirds buzzing about his head.




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