Southern Houress

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Kingdom of Sestillion

Leader: King Sestillion
Capital: Kryptalon (30,350)
Population: 197,500+
Demi-Humans: Elves (43,000), Gnomes (6,100), Halflings (4,900)
Humanoids: Few
Resources: Foodstuffs, Timber, Salt and Fishing




City Leader Pop. Pred. Race

Q. Dirolg

Hugar 3,500 Human
R. Rastas Orglar 3,700 Human
S. Quillon Alis 4,000 Human
T. Kryptalon * Duril 30,350 Human
U. Ferebet Khaldara (f) 3,900 Human
X. Tairul Colligat 5,000 Elven
Y. Remool Yoxalia 3,500 Elven
Coderra Anshuu 10,000 Human
Balieff Cialeign 9,800 Elven
Kutarish Raaci 12,000 Human
Petunnal Nessai (f) 7,000 Human
Bog Boldur Stonetooth 13,200 Dwarven
Kheylar Oloken 11,750 Dwarven
Leurbost Tishla (f) 8,300 Human
Goldcrest Aullins 6,400 Human
Ormgarth Tiboas 5,900 Human
Conniska Ladimere 10,000 Human
Myrefall Highbrow 4,200 Halfling
Blencathra Cykilius 5,200 Gnome
Swinford Boforst 9,350 Human
Naporfen Rogenten 8,200 Dwarven
Anilian Sativere 5,000 Elven
Asha Caelora Ilverohn 2,500 Elven
Lalelond Thairmol 3,800 Elven
Efhanor Uertiga 4,000 Elven
Isymelan Llem 6,240 Elven
Voketia Dovoko 9,300 Human
Burnarrin Weon 11,600 Human

* = capitol

Current Political Structure

8 provinces and their Governors


First Province

Governor Hugar

Provincial Capital: Dirolg

Second Province

Governor Orlgar

Provincial Capital: Rastas

Third Province

Governor Alis

Provincial Capital: Quillon

Fourth Province

Governor Duril

Provincial Capital (and kingdom capitol) Kryptalon

Fifth Province

Governor Khaldara (f)

Provincial Capital: Ferebet

Sixth Province

Governor Nalducian

Provincial Capital: Gaifal Village

around Gaifal Castle

Seventh Province

Governor Ra Tani

Provincial Capital: Evondok

Grey Mist Elves

Everone Tirianna (f)

Grey Mist Capital: Efhanor

Eighth Province

Governor LaCarch

Provincial Capital: Salt Palace

The massive territory known as the Kingdom of Sestillion came into existence as a result of the fall of Varanady hundreds of years ago. The lands of what would become Sestillion and the Defiled Lands. The leaders of the victorious armies of the west, along with the rebels of the Northlands and Brighkly, held council for three weeks to decide the fate of the fallen dark kingdom. The queen had disappeared, supposedly killed by forces who had entered Ehn Vogharr city and burned it to the ground, and those of her leaders foolish enough to remain in Varanady were either imprisoned or executed.

It was decided that lords from all of the victorious armies should have permanent residence in Varanady. The idea was to demonstrate to the war torn and suspicious people of the Varanady that they would be ruled by a consensus of their victors rather then men from any one land. The kingdom was carved up into 8 roughly equal territories called the Eastern Lands, each with a noble from the victorious armies to rule them. But this idea quickly showed its flaw.

Not more than two years later, in the 132nd year of the 4th Age of Man, chaos manifested itself in the fledgling Eastern Lands. The 8 Lords, although they had cooperated remarkably in fighting the dark queen, had now begun to quarrel amongst themselves. Old arguments had surfaced, and the threat of an outbreak of hostilities between several of the Lords seemed eminent. The citizens who had been oppressed by the dark queen for over 150 years had expected hope and stability. They rose up against the squabbling lords, taking them by surprise. Five of the eight territories fell before the surprisingly organized civil forces in a short few months, and the others looked sure to fall. The bitter barbarians to the north, who had suffered heavily at the hand of the dark queen, were poised to swoop down and wipe out everyone in the name of securing their borders. The stability of the region, which had been won at such a dear cost in blood, seemed ready to fall apart.

But in the harsh winter at the end of the year 134, a figure stepped forward through the ranks of the rebels and called for peace. He purported to be the great grandson of the last legitimate royal family of the Kingdom of Sestillion, which is what the kingdom had been called until the dark queen seized power and supposedly killed all of the royal family. The man, named Barl Sestillion and who had been leading a weak resistance within Varanady against the queen, as had his father and grandfather before him, now claimed the rightful leadership of the people of what he claimed should be the Kingdom of Sestillion. Barl went before a council of leaders making up the lands of the victors over the queen. He claimed that his people, who had been brutally oppressed and exploited for so many years, deserved the right to reclaim their country and their pride. The alternative, he had hinted darkly, would be civil unrest that would keep the region unstable indefinitely.

Only the tribal Voriks from the Northlands disagreed. They wanted an excuse for blood, and this was it. But they were convinced by the other leaders that the lands of Southern Houress had tasted too much blood. No country could justify further hostilities, and Barl Sestillion was allowed to lay claim as the King of Sestillion. But for Barl to get what he wanted, he had to agree to allow four of the lords from the victorious armies over Varanady to remain as provincial leaders. And so, in the year 135, the rebirth of the Kingdom of Sestillion became a reality, and the people celebrated for over a year as their neighbors finally breathed a tentative sigh of relief for the first time in a great many years.

Points of Interest

Salt Barrens


Hundreds of years ago, the ocean had occupied what is now a Sestillion and Blackmel as far north as the northern border of the Salt Barrens. Over time, the sea withdrew, leaving behind the Salt Barrens and the Aerlidonis Jungle. The portion of land known as the Salt Barrens was so rich in sea salt, that nothing ever grew there and the land remained white with dunes of pure salt. Only a few odd creatures can live there and no one risks traveling through the Barrens. The desolate, salty territory is cut in two by the Flane River on its way to the Darkwater.


Whorlidon Forest


This massive forest marking the eastern coastal borderof Sestillion has been the home to the Tiar Elves since before the original Kingdom of Sestillion was formed some three thousand years ago. Powerful and extremely territorial, these elves aggressively defend their sacred forest against anyone would seek to exploit it. The threat of their power was so great that the dark queen herself let them be, while (quietly) proclaiming that the elves were part of Varanady. Today, they allow travelers through their forest to and from the coast for trade and fishing. But they are wary and suspicious of people and brook no chaos from them.


Black Swamp


A part of the Aerlidonis Jungle nearly devoid of life, this dark place is the home to evil spirits, who prefer the solitude the swamp offers, safe from those who would hunt them. They spirits and ghosts of the Black Swamp prey upon those unfortunate to wander into their midst. They have the sense to leave the supply barges coming down the Flane River alone, mostly because the vessels employ priests toward the spirits off. Those foolish enough to sail without a priest of some strength, usually never reach the Darkwater.




For generations, this area of the ocean near the southeastern coasts of Northern Houress have seen the waters turned black for hundreds of miles. The Darkwater literally bubbles and steams, emitting a stench that few can stomach. No life can exist in the black waters. Some speculate that there is a crack on the ocean floor leading the Hell allowing evil and ichor from the horrid place to bubble the wound in Irith's skin. Others swear that the dark queen's powers came from the Darkwater from a pact she made with a devil. Rumors of all kinds abound even today ...




Significant Events/Holidays/Etc.


Tournament of Kings


Date: Day 2 of the Month of Spring's Waning


This weeklong tournament, held in the Kingdom of Sestillionís capital city, draws kings from lands as far away as Ohlnidank, for the prizes are always unique and of great value. But the best draw is the competitors, who can gauge their skills against the greatest variety of men-at-arms they will ever see.






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