Southern Houress

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Leader: Count Michael Maharool
Capital: Halreck (7,000)
Population: 41,500+
Demi-Humans: Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Some Gnomes
Humanoids: Some
Resources: Silver, Iron, Gems and Foodstuffs




Current Political Structure

4 Territories and the Lords of the Noble Quorum


High Eresk

Count Michael Maharool

Capital City: Halreck

Padrog Expanses

Lord Wixlen Kharauf

Capital City: Keteel

Western Shores

Lord Emit Ohmesh

Capital City: Xeroson


Southern Reaches

Lord Osk Taven

Capital City: Mislin





City Leader Pop. Pred. Race

G. Halreck *

Karavaughn (F) 7,000 Human
H. Keteel Wixlen 4,800 Human
21. Xeroson Emit 5,000 Human
21a. Mislin Osk 5,200 Human
Leerf Fen (F) 1,491 Human
Topartin Trau (F) 1,563 Human
Shenre Eldrin 1,589 Elven
Thaleev  D'Ja 929 Human
Klertell Trimbin 7,350 Human
Holmof Jongl 895 Halfling
Thaulgran Bargreev 1,720 Human
Porengal Sohlker (F) 664 Human
Vorantaster Finerth 1,196 Human
Kroy Gew (F) 1,129 Human
Falaavin Stonetooth 1,378 Dwarven






* = capitol

The Maharools have roots back in the Hestrillite Empire. The Maharool family was a stalwart ally of the Regdons and were instrumental in helping them achieve ultimate victory over the barbafrians that led to the creation of the Kingdom of Regdon. At the time of the victory over the barbarians, Regdon and his allies were depleted and it took a great many hard years to solidify their defenses and establish a good foothold against the constant barbarian raids on their southern borders.

At the time of the great victory, King Merrick Regdon had promised that his good friend and ally Oren Maharool would have a piece of the won lands to govern as his own realm. But although the Maharools were given a large territory to the south of the new kingdom, they still answered to the King of Regdon. Over time, this began to be a source of irritation for the Maharool lords.

By the end of the war to vanquish the forces of Varanady, Regdon was a land that has lost a great many good men from all parts of its kingdom. The lands that are now Criksrad and Maharool had sacrificed the most of all. They felt they had earned the right to govern themselves. The current king of Regdon refused, citing that the kingdom would not be split. This led to a great deal of rankling among the nobles as they argued endlessly for nearly five years.

The situation came to a head when the Maharools struck an alliance with the leaders of the people of what is now Criksrad. They would stand united against Regdon to demand independence, which they would achieve by war if necessary. With the barbarians still a threat from the south, the King of Regdon knew he was in a bad spot. He magnanimously declared that Criksrad and Maharool would become independent nations. In return, they all three signed lasting alliances for mutual protection and trade. Since then, the lands have enjoyed peace and prosperity.

Topographical Points of Interest

Rhous River

Flowing from the Graget Mountains southwest to the Tarsis Gulf, the Rhous separates the countries of Maharool and Criksrad. The mighty river is an important byway that brings goods back and forth to the peoples of both countries.

Furly River

Running from the southwestern tip of the Graget Mountains, this river runs west and south to the ocean past the barbarian city of Fahrn. It allows goods to move to and from the peoples of both countries.

Illitry River

Flowing from the southeastern face of the Graget Mountains, this river runs south into the North Padrog Bay. A great deal of goods move along this river.

Gress River

The Gress runs from the northern tip of the Barl Mountains. It runs south to the ocean past the city of Mislin. This is another busy avenue for boats and goods.

North Padrog Bay

This bay is embraced by land coming off the western shores of Maharool. The north side of the bay is overlooked by the city of Xeroson, while the south is flanked by Keteel.

Xeroson Hills

Flowing from the southern face of the Graget Mountains, the Xerosons are populated by quite a few halfings, who are well known for their tobacco goods and superior food products that they export across the country.

Graget Mountains

These ancient spires split Maharoo and the Barbarian Kingdom and acts as a natural barrier that keeps the two nations apart. The mountains are occupied by a few dwarves and a great many humanoids, such as goblins, ogres, hobgoblins, etc.

Barl Mountains

These great peaks run down the center of Mahrool. Only a few humanoids occupy the Barls.




Significant Events/Holidays/Etc.


High Holy Day of Maharool


Date: Day 1 of the Month of Spring's Glory


Since breaking away from Regdon only 40 years ago, the Maharoolians have held the 2nd day of the Month of Spring’s Glory in the holiest regard. For on that day, their forces were able to destroy a much larger army from Regdon and force the King of Regdon to agree to a truce and formal recognition of Maharool. The leaders of Maharool firmly believe that their victory was possible because of divine intervention from their god Brigantia. The High Holy day is a time of quiet prayer across the land where people sacrifice and give thanks to their god.


High Eresk


Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities marked on map as stars)




Leader: Theal Karavaugh (f)

Population: 7,000
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 15,000; Ready Cash: 3,500,000
Population: Humans: 3,000 Elves: 400; Dwarves: 250; Halflings: 150; Gnomes: 100; Others: 100

Guards: 1,500; Militia: 1,110
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-12


A walled, fortified city, Halreck rests on the southwestern banks of the Rhous River. A great deal of commerce traverses the Rhous and flows through the capitol city of Maharool.


In the center of the city, on a hill of red granite, rises Castle Avolire. Within live the Maharools, a large family ruled by the matriarch Lord Michael Maharool.


The Maharools are a merciless clan that keeps tight tabs on the land and its lords to ensure they do not stray from the true power in the land. The laws are administered swiftly and without mercy to ensure loyalty from the citizens of Maharool.




Although there are private places within the city where people can worship their god, there are six proper temples here.


Brigantia (Celtic)


The primary deity worshipped in Halreck is Celtic, specifically the god Brigantia. There is a temple of Brigantia at the base of Avolire. Beside that is a general worship structure dedicated to those wishing to pay homage to the other Celtic gods.


Tyr (Norse)


Near the southern entrance to Halreck is a temple of Tyr of the norse pantheon.


Belenus (Celtic)


A block south of wizards' sector lies a church of Belenus of the Celtic pantheon.


Ho Masubi (Japanese) (


Near the western edge of the city is a temple devoted to Ho Masubi of the Japanese pantheon.


Wizards' Sector


Wizards are treated with fear and respect in Maharool. The southeast quarter of Halreck is devoted to the homes of many wizards, including their gathering place, a tower called Einstrect (which is dwarven for "Unmoving"). The head of the Council of the Arts is Millane Shrveay, a shrewd man in his twilight years.


Thieves' Guilds


The Lost Ones


An organization that has operated within the city since the time of its creation, the lost ones are known for taking in those who have nowhere else to go, particularly outcast children. Their leader is unkown, although many speculate that their authority is council based.


The Ghosts


A longtime guild that employs magic and misdirection to aid their work. It is rumored that they work under the direction of the wizards' Council of Arts, but it has never been proven.


Merchants' Guild


Located on the banks of the Rhouse near the southern end of the city, the guild is run by Shavis Bechtel. An emaciated man with hawkish, suspicious eyes, he overseens the operations that keep the merchants of the city moving smoothly and taxes flowing into the Maharoolian coffers.


Shoremens' Union


Located at the northeastern corner of the city, the union houses the leaders of the men who work the shores of the Rhouse, from transporters to fishermen.


Other Places of Interest


Castle Avolire


Rising from atop a hill of solid red granite, this formidible fortress has housed the Maharools for a great many years. From within its walls, the tightly knit family rules the land and its people.


City Square


A bustling area of activity located at the base of Castle Avolire. Here, town criers call out the news of the day, executions are carried out, and hanbills indicating events are pasted on a huge bulletin board.


Onaix Libraray


Founded long ago by the wizard Sirgh Onaix and located at the southern base of the red granite hill beneath Castle Avolire, the library is an imposing structure housing hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books. It's a great place to do research about Halreck or the world around it.


Cinari Stadium


Located just to the west of Castle Avolire, the tiered oval stadium is home to events ranging from gladiatorial combat to great stage performances from local troupes and abroad to events where men and women come to lecture about various subjects.


Taverns and Inns


The are many throughout the city, such as The Buxom Smile, Jennat's Crash, Five Spice Tavern, Brigantia's Favor, The Bottomless Stein (dwarven), and Evaleth Tinell (elven).


Valley of the Ogres


About 28 miles to the west of Halreck is a deep valley called the Valley of the Ogres. It runs roughly 12 miles north and south and is over a mile wide at its widest point. The eastern and western rim of the valley is ringed with ogre hovels. The actual number of creatures living there is unknown, but rangers have put the number to as much as 400. The resources in that area have not been deemed worthy enough for the count to try to clear the ogres out.







Leader: High Madame Nianne Fen (f)

Population: 1,491
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 59,600
Population: Humans: 551; Halflings: 298; Elves: 268; Dwarves: 149; Gnomes: 104; Half-Elves: 74; Half-Orcs: 44; Others: 3

Guards: 17; Militia: 180
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-6


This mountain community lies on the northwestern border of Maharool about 75 miles from Halreck. The people here guard the gateway between Maharool and the Barbarian Kingdom. Here lies the great ancient castle known as Baham Fell. The structure has seen better days but is still quite formidable. Baham Fell is garrisoned by 100 rangers.




Although there are private places within the city where people can worship their god, there are six proper temples here.


Brihaspati (Indian)


The primary deity worshipped in Leerf is Brihaspati, the god of prayer and teaching. A great white spherical temple rests against the mountain near Baham Fell. Ivikara, a tall lovely woman is the high priestess, and she is always willing to aid others in need.


Xochiquetzal (Aztec)


Located at the southern end of town is the temple to the goddess of flowers, dance, and proper love: Xochiquetzal. The pyramicial structure is covered in colorful flowers. The Holy High Costacei resides here. She is known to be quite vocal about the benefits of worshipping her god.


Lei Kung (Chinese)


Situated near the eastern edge of Leerf is the black pagoda templee of Lei Kung, the duke of thunder. Ong Teilan is the unusually tall head priest of this temple, and his scowl had been known to melt snow and resolve.


Wizards' Sector


Wizards are treated with fear and respect in Maharool. There are three wizards located here in the Black Keep of Moalka. They are led by Grem Fress, a wise and stately man of many years. He is attended by Lyock the half orc female wizard and her brother Yun Bhai.


Thieves' Guild


The Whispered Sin


This is only guild in Leerf. Little is known about the organization, which is rumored to have been in place for nearly two centuries. Many suspect that the leader (whose name is unknown) is a highly religious individual, who bases many of his decisions on his faith. What is known is that those of The Whispered Sin are not to be trifled with.


Merchants' Association


This association is made up of all the businesses in Leerf. It is overseen by Lord Koambi, an old noble who has resided in Leerf for nearly a century.


Miners' Guild


Mines honeycomb the eastern side of the Graget Mountains. They are worked by a large portion of Leerf's population, and their work brings in a great deal of business for the town. The leader of the guild is a hard-nosed dwarf known as Granite Tongue.


Other Places of Interest


Baham Fell


Built into the very rock of the Graget Mountains themselves, this ancient castle is the home to the Rangers of the Fell. They are 100 strong and man the fortified structure to protect against the barbarian hordes that threaten to pour over the mountains and any intrustion from the north by the forces of Criksrad.







Leader: Mayor Leng Trau (f)

Population: 1,563
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 62,400
Population: Humans: 1,234 Halflings: 140; Elves: 78; Dwarves: 46; Half-Elves: 15; Half-Orcs: 15; Others: 4

Guards: 15; Militia: 78

Sheriff: Warrior lvl-5


On Rhous River to southeast of Halreck







Leader: Therdan Eldrin

Population: 1,589
Power Center: Magical
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 63,200
Population: Elves: 1,525; Humans: 31 Halflings: 15; Others: 18

Guards: 15; Militia: 79

Sheriff: Ranger lvl-8


On Illitry River to southwest of Halreck.







Leader: Mayor Cronair D'Ja

Population: 929
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 36,800
Population: Humans: 733; Halflings: 83; Elves: 46, Dwarves: 27; Half-Elves: 9; Others: 4

Guards: 9; Militia: 46

Sheriff: Fighter lvl-4


On Rhous River to the southeast of Topartin.





Southern Reaches


Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Osk Taven

Population: 5,200
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 14,000; Ready Cash: 2,500,000
Population: Humans: 2,800 Elves: 1,400; Dwarves: 350; Halflings: 300; Gnomes: 200; Others: 150

Guards: 1,050; Militia: 1,000
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-13







Leader: Mayor Savich Bargreev

Population: 1,720
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 54,000
Population: Humans: 1,358; Halflings: 154; Elves: 86, Dwarves: 51; Gnomes: 34; Half-Elves: 17; Half-Orcs: 17; Others: 3

Guards: 17; Militia: 86

Sheriff: Warrior lvl-6


Located on the Furly River at the western edge of Maharool.







Leader: Hemri Jongl the First

Population: 895
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 200; Ready Cash: 8,900
Population: Halflings: 859; Elves: 17, Humans: 8

Guards: 8; Militia: 44

Sheriff: Druid lvl-3


Located in the Xeroson Hills.







Leader: Council Leader Ovira Sohlker (f)

Population: 664
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 200; Ready Cash: 6,600
Population: Humans: 637; Halflings: 13; Elves: 6, Others: 8

Guards: 6; Militia: 33

Sheriff: Warrior lvl-5


Located in southern Maharool on the shores of the North Padrog Bay.





Padrog Expanses


Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Wixlen Kharauf

Population: 4,800
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gold Piece Limit: 12,000; Ready Cash: 1,500,000
Population: Humans: 2,800 Elves: 1,200; Dwarves: 450; Halflings: 250; Gnomes: 50; Others: 50

Guards: 1,000; Militia: 900
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-14







Leader: Mayor Onathan Finerth

Population: 1,196
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 47,600
Population: Humans: 442; Halflings: 239; Elves: 215, Dwarves: 119; Gnomes: 89; Half-Elves: 59; Half-Orcs: 35; Others: 4

Guards: 11; Militia: 59

Sheriff: Warrior lvl-5


Located at southern end of Illitry River where it empties into the North Padrog Bay.







Leader: Mayor Sheba Gew (f)

Population: 1,129
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 44,800
Population: Humans: 1,083; Halflings: 22; Elves: 11, Others: 13

Guards: 11; Militia: 56

Sheriff: Fighter lvl-6


Located in the narrow straight to the southeast of Keteel.







Leader: High Beard Rixil Stonetooth

Population: 1,378
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 54,800
Population: Dwarves: 1,322; Humans: 27; Halflings: 13, Others: 16

Guards: 13; Militia: 68

Sheriff: Fighter lvl-7


Located in the northwestern part of the Great Peaks nearth the southern border with Gorth.





Western Shores


Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Emit Ohmesh

Population: 5,000
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 13,500; Ready Cash: 2,000,000
Population: Humans: 3,000 Elves: 1,700; Halfling: 150; Gnomes: 80; Dwarves: 60; Others: 10

Guards: 1,100; Militia: 950
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-13







Leader: Mayor Loll Trimbin

Population: 7,350
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gold Piece Limit: 2,000; Ready Cash: 100,000
Population: Humans: 5,566; Halflings: 421; Elves: 267, Dwarves: 40; Gnomes: 27; Half-Elves: 13; Half-Orcs: 13; Others: 4

Guards: 13; Militia: 67

Sheriff: Warrior lvl-7


Located on the southern end of Lower Terek River on shores of Tarsis Gulf. Klertell is a very old city that was established centuries ago after the Kingdom of Regdon was established following the defeat of the barbarians. The city has been destroyed twice by tsunmai in its history: 432 and 283 years ago.


Standing opposite the Criksrad city of Varn, Klertell acts as a guardian to the waterway entering Maharool. The formidable Castle Krakenmaw has long stood as a deadly deterrent to those who might be foolish enough to invade by the sea.




Hextor (D&D)


The primary deity worshipped in Klertell is Hextor. There is a temple of Hextor built inside Castle Krakenmaw. The curator of this place is Honglo Cholner, a man with skin as black as night, and scowl that will melt away a person's sins.


Ki (Sumerian)


Near the southern sea wall lies the worship house of Ki. The elegant structure of pointed spires is covered in lush green growth. Growing to the right of the entrance is a massive 20' tall Iris. The tall, gorgeous elf maiden Soor Telene tends to this holy place devoted to nature.


Heng (Native American)


Built on the shores Lower Terek River where it empties into the Tarsis Gulf, the holy shrine to Heng is a impressive long house. The medicine man here is Outeni Highcrow, a wise and soft spoken old soul.


Wizard Presence


Residing within one of the tallest towers of Castle Krakenmaw, the half ogre wizard Waurag spends his time mostly locked away in research upon magical mysteries unknown to many.


Thieves' Guild


Wyvern's Sting


The top guild within Klertell, the Wyvern's Sting is a nasty group of merciless thieves and assassins who favor poison as a weapon to hurt nd kill their enemies. Led by a leader known as Veneth (probably not his real name), this guild propsers within the city.


Dark Claw


Smaller than the Wyvern's Sting, yet still effective, are the Dark Claw. These opportunistic shadow dwellers are believed to invest their ill-gotten gains in land and business ventures to maintain some legitimacy witin their organization. Unfortunately, no one has ever proven their ties, nor has their leader been identified.


Merchants' Guild


A conglomerate of businesses within Klertell, these businessmen and women form a powerful voice within the community. The head of the guild is a well-respected woman by the name of Dame Kindy. She is not to be trifled with.


Seamens' Guild


The men of the sea in Klertell belong to this organization, which has been around for centuries. They represent a loud voice in the city and has done much to sway policy and law in their favor over the years. They are overseen by a salty dog that goes by the name off John "Witherfist" Camdrean. Many sailors look to him as the true leader of Klertell.


Other Places of Interest


Krakenmaw Castle


This complex and ancient fortress rests on the Cliffs of Dmau overlooking the Lower Terek River where it empties into the Tarsis Gulf. The walls are painted sea green, and its battlements are ringed by weapons designed to either destroy armies that approach by land or sink ships that threaten the waterways. The iron fisted lord of Krakenmaw is a half-orc named Tyz Lokan.


Kraken's Beak


Resting in the middle of the city square is the massive beak of a kraken that attacked the city over 300 years ago. Only through the determination of Klertell's citizens were they able to defeat the monster. The beak stands as a symbol to their sacrifice.







Leader: Elder One C'lin Traighen

Population: 1,470
Power Center: Magical
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 47,600
Population: Elves: 1,411; Halflings: 29; Humans: 14; Others: 16

Guards: 14; Militia: 73

Sheriff: Ranger lvl-5


Located to the northwest of Mislin.




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