Southern Houress

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Leader: High Prince Fleriton Neidrey
Capital: Englace (12,500)
Population: 48,500+
Demi-Humans: Few
Humanoids: Few
Resources: Foodstuffs, Gems and Fishing




Current Political Structure

3 Princes, their Provinces and Capital Cities


Wolfsbane Territories

Prince Kal Serus Ommgaar

Captial City: Gladius

Gold Province

High Prince Fleriton Neighdrey

Capital City: Englace

Hu-Tai Province

Prince Kai Washanabi

Captial City: Zhepharia


City Leader Pop. Pred. Race

25. Gladius

Kal Serus 9,000 Human
26. Englace * Fleriton 12,500 Human
L. Zhepharia Kai 8,200 Human
Wambleeska Atsidi 3,586 Human
Gawoni Nantan 4,664 Human
Posala Honaw 2,445 Human
Niyol Nahiossi 2,746 Human
Honani Namida 3,126 Human

* = capitol

Gorth was formed hundreds of years ago by barbarian leaders who wished to stop the incessant warring with the civilized people of Regdon. Seeing their lands dwindling century after century, the chieftains felt the despair of their people and began allowing them access to the ways of the north. The formed three principalities with one above all, and have since used this Tri-Council as a way of determining the direction of the country.

Over time, the people turned from the traditional deity of the Great Serpent and began embracing other religions. Although much of the population has roots tied to the Yairzie or Gous, they see themselves as Gorthians. They maintain good relations with their wayward cousins to the west and trade with them often. The Gorthians are excellent seamen and their war sloops have keep the southwestern underbelly of the continent free from major threats from the sea. They are noted for thei coal dark skin.

Evils of the Arcane

Over the past few centuries, Gorthians have fostered a burning hatred of arcane magic. This came from their conflicts with the invaders from the north who eventually civilized the land. Those invaders relied heavily upon magic to help win their victories over the barbarians, and Gorthians never forgot the horrors they faced.

Gorthians fear arcane magic and destroy it whenever they find it, including those who wield it. Wizards who ply their trade within the borders of Gorth are hunted down and burned at the stake.

Tolerance of the Divine

Gorthians also fear divine magic, yet they tolerate it because they trust the deities they worship to bestow it wisely upon mortal men. Gorthians predominately worship native american mythos, although others follow various deities.


After many turbulent years of internal strife kept burning by a tribal system determined by the most powerful, the Gorthians settled on the Tri-Council. The three most populated communties are led by princes, who come together and decide what is best for the country. Every twenty years, a prince from one of the provinces becomes the voice of the country. Once their term is done, the next province's prince will step in to assume the duties, which is rotated to the next prince, and so forth.

Topographical Points of Interest

The Great Peaks

These mountains stretch from the southern reaches of Maharool to Gorth. The grand city of Zepharia rests in these granite peaks, housing a number of dwarves and gnomes along with the Gorthian humans. Nesting along the peaks are Rocs and other winged creatures.

The Foul Marsh

A large portion of the northeastern frontier of Gorth is a vast swampland called The Foul Marsh. Populated with trolls, kua toa, and many other monsters, the marsh has acted as a barrier to invasion. The only passable road in and out of the northeastern tip of Gorth, which borders with Maharool, is guarded by a massive fortress called the Sogtrough. Anyone foolish enough to attack this place, which is rumored to house over a thousand soldiers, must fight through intolerable marsh conditions first.

Padrog Bay

The North Padrog Bay runs to the northwest of Gorth and is an important pathway for trade ships coming from the north.




Significant Events/Holidays/Etc.




Date: Day 24 of the Month of Spring's Waxing


For over 150 years now, the three princes of Gorth have held a tournament to celebrate the cessation of hostilities between the three lands. Each year, the tournament is held in a different part of the peninsula to preclude any favoritism to any one of the princes. The prize is usually one of the rare opals harvested from Poseidonís Jaw. The opals are believed to enhance the powers of soothsayers and are prized by men who wish to have a glimpse into their own fortunes.





Wolfsbane Territories


Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Kal Serus

Population: 12,500
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 13,000; Ready Cash: 2,500,000
Population: Humans: 10,000 Elves: 1,400; Dwarves: 600; Halflings: 250; Gnomes: 150; Others: 100

Guards: 1,200; Militia: 1,800
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-15


Gladius is a coastal city that sprawls along the western shore of Gorth and is ringed by a protective stone wall. This ancient city is noted for the Altrea Maze, a complex series of interwoven stone docks that berths hundreds of ships at any given time. Navigating through them is not an easy task, and enemy ships would find it impossible to gain access to the shore without considerable losses.




Native American


The predominant religion here is that of the Native American mythos. There is a huge temple in the center of town devoted to the entire pantheon of the gods.




Near the northwestern shore of Gladius is a deep grove. In the center is a towering ancient ironwood tree, within which resides a druid. People come here to worship Gaea.


Thieves' Guild


The Whisper


As the Gorthians have little tolerance of thievery, such activities are punished severely. That said, there is only one guild within the city, and it is quite secretive. No one but its members know where the guild is located, and those who do refuse to speak of it to non-members for fear of death for not only them but their families.


Other Guilds


Being a communal society, the Gorthians have no need for formal guilds.


Other Places of Interest




There are two castles in Gladius: Chenpha, which is located at the northern tip of the city, and Uai Nel, located at the southern end. Kal Serus resides in Chenpha, while Chel Togerth inhabits Uai Nel.


The Great Meeting Hall

Near Chenpha is a humongous hogan. Here the citizens come to meet and speak of matters relating to life, death, the city and the world.

The Pit

The pit is a coliseum located near Uai Nel. Dug into the ground, the great meeting place can hold 10,000 spectators. They come to witness great contests of skill, where warriors come to test themselves against one another in open combat both lethal and non-lethal.



Leader: Chief Pa-Akanti Atsidi

Population: 3,586
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gold Piece Limit: 4,500; Ready Cash: 656,000
Population: Humans: 3,442; Halflings: 71; Elves: 35; Others: 38

Guards: 69; Militia: 254
Sheriff: Fighter lvl-8

Located 48 miles to the southwest of Gladius.



Leader: Chief Takoda Nantan

Population: 4,664
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 3,220; Ready Cash: 750,500
Population: Humans: 4,477; Halflings: 93; Elves: 46; Others: 48

Guards: 81; Militia: 400
Sheriff: Fighter lvl-8


Located on the shores of the Aquantis Ocean, about 62 miles to the west of Wambleeska.




Gold Province

Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Fleriton Neighdrey

Population: 9,000
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 11,000; Ready Cash: 2,000,000
Population: Humans: 7,300 Elves: 1,000; Dwarves: 300; Halflings: 200; Gnomes: 150; Others: 50

Guards: 1,000; Militia: 1,100
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-13







Leader: High Spirit Tuketu Honaw

Population: 2,445
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gold Piece Limit: 3,050; Ready Cash: 366,500
Population: Humans: 2,347; Halflings: 48; Elves: 24; Others: 26

Guards: 51; Militia: 202
Sheriff: Fighter lvl-9


Located on the shores of the Aquantis Ocean, about 114 miles to the east of Englace.







Leader: Chief Tumu Nahiossi

Population: 2,746
Power Center: Nonstandard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 3,151; Ready Cash: 412,500
Population: Humans: 2,636; Halflings: 54; Elves: 27; Gnomes: 15; Others: 14

Guards: 35; Militia: 159
Sheriff: Fighter lvl-5


Located on the shores of the Aquantis Ocean, about 45 miles to the northeast of Posala.




Hu-Tai Province

Cities, Villiages, Towns, Etc.

(italicized titles are smaller communities not marked on map)




Leader: Kai Washanabi

Population: 8,200
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gold Piece Limit: 9,000; Ready Cash: 2,900,000
Population: Humans: 6,300 Elves: 1,000; Dwarves: 500; Halflings: 200; Gnomes: 150; Others: 50

Guards: 1,400; Militia: 1,100
Sheriff: Warrior lvl-16







Leader: Mayor Tawa Namida

Population: 3,126
Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gold Piece Limit: 3,101; Ready Cash: 512,000
Population: Humans: 2,469 Halflings: 281; Elves: 156; Dwarves: 93; Gnomes: 62; Half-Elves: 31; Half-Orcs: 31; Others: 3

Guards: 49; Militia: 801
Sheriff: Fighter lvl-9


Located on the northern border with Maharool, about 25 miles to the north east of Zepharia.




Southern Houress











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